Everything You Need To Know About Football Gambling

Football gambling can appear a bit intimidating to new gamblers especially as there are so many different sportsbooks and crazy numbers of potential bets. To help you enjoy your football gambling experience we have prepared a simple introductory guide.

Breakdown Of Football Gambling Types

Football betting is filled with all kinds of different terms and gamblers can make a variety of different bets. To turn you into an expert let’s explain the most common terms!

  1. 1X2 – This is known as match result wagering. You are trying to predict the outcome of a game can bet on either side winning or on a draw occurring
  2. Draw no bet – With this bet, you pick a side to win but if a draw occurs you get your money back. These wagers are less risky than 1X2 but you receive a lower payout.
  3. Double chance – Very similar to a draw no bet wager but if a draw does occur you still win your wager. This is the best wager for risk-averse gamblers.
  4. Accumulator or Parlay – This is where you combine multiple wagers into a single betting slip. This considerably increases your payout because to cash out all of your individual bets have to win. For example, you may bet Arsenal and Chelsea to win their games and Fulham to draw their match. Even with a modest stake if you get these 3 predictions right you could win thousands.
  5. Handicap – A sportsbook will place a goal or goals handicap on a team favored to win to make the game even money. For example, Man City is playing Everton and Man City has a -1 goal handicap, if you gamble on Man City to win they have to win by 2 goals or more.
  6. Over/Under – This is where a site will predict the number of statistics in a football match for example goals and you can wager on the outcome being over or below this number.
  7. Half-Time – With half-time wagering, you are trying to predict which team will be winning when the first half concludes.
  8. Futures – Futures allow you to bet on the outcome of an event far away in the future. The most common futures bet is wagering on which team will win the league.
  9. Void – This is when a wager is no longer accepted by the sportsbook and they return you your stake. This usually happens when a game is canceled.
  10. Head to Head – Head-to-head wagering involves you gambling on a particular player to have a superior game to another player this could be based on goals, passes, tackles, or other metrics.

Now you know these terms you can almost consider yourself a football wagering expert. All you need now are some tips on making winning wagers!

Tips On Making Profitable Football Wagers

If you want to win, you need a helping hand. Check out some of our most useful tips below!

  • Your bankroll determines your gamble size – You should only risk 1% to 2% of your bankroll on every wager. If your bankroll is $1000 you should only risk a maximum of $20.
  • Research your wager – Don’t gamble with your heart only your head! Every bet you make should be supported by logic and statistics.
  • Go bonus hunting – Claiming the right bonus can significantly increase your winnings. Look for cashback deals and bonus cash with low roll-over requirements.
  • Specialize in a particular league – To beat a sportsbook you need to be a superior handicapper. You can only achieve this if you become an expert in a league. We recommend you find leagues that are less followed and harder to set lines for.
  • Look for live underdogs – It is no secret that consistently gambling the favorite is a losing strategy. You need to be constantly on the lookout for underdog sides that have a great chance of winning.

These simple to implement tips will greatly increase your chance of winning big when making football wagers. Make sure you implement all our tips to maximize your success.

How To Find A Good Football Gambling Site?

Once you have a good understanding of how the football gambling markets work you now need to find a site that will take your bets, safeguard your cash and pay you out promptly. To find a top site use our step by step criteria below:

  1. Check the site is licensed – You should only bet with a licensed site as they are strictly regulated by gaming authorities. These gaming authorities ensure a site is using encryption to protect your information, offering fair and accurate odds and payout winnings quickly.
  2. Look at their football gambling markets – After you have found a licensed site you then need to see how extensive their football gambling markets are. Top sites allow you to gamble on games and leagues from around the world and allow you to make hundreds of different bets on each game.
  3. View their payment methods – See what payment options they offer, how fast they process withdrawals and deposits, and if they charge any fees. Leading sites allow you to deposit and withdraw via a range of methods including e-wallets, crypto, bank transfer, and credit and debit cards instantly and for free.
  4. Contact the site’s customer support – Once you are satisfied with the markets it is time to judge the platform’s customer support. You need to assess their response time, ease of contact, and professionalism. Customer support at a top sportsbook is available 24/7 and can be easily contacted via a range of methods such as email and live chat.
  5. See if they have any bonuses – The final step is checking out the available bonuses. Many sites will offer you deals such as cashback, bonus cash, and free bets. These bonuses can increase your bankroll and potential winnings. You should compare a few different sites to find the best promo deals.

If you follow the above process, you should have no issues finding a leading football gambling site. Just remember to follow all of the steps and stick to the same order!

Time to Gamble!

After reading through our intro guide on football wagering, you are now ready to make some money. We recommend you start by making a small simple gamble such as a 1X2 wager and then increasing your stake size as you become more comfortable. Good luck!