How To Improve Football Betting Win Percentage?

Getting lucky and winning the odd football wager is not hard to do, even a broken clock is right twice a day! However, winning consistently is very tough as you are up against expert linemakers and also have to overcome the sportsbook’s commission. 

What Are The Football Teams’ Strengths And Weaknesses?

Before considering betting on a particular football team you need to truly be an expert on them. You need to understand their playing style, what formation they use, what types of pitches they excel on, are they front runners or capable of coming from behind miracles. Before risking your cash you need to ask yourself hundreds of different questions about a certain side and only when you can answer them should you make a bet.

Who Has Won On The Most Recent Meetings?

There are so many different statistics that you can use to analyze a football match but by far the most accurate is head-to-head record. Before placing a bet we recommend you pull up the most recent matches between the two teams and study the film. Don’t just look at the final score, really dig into the game and see what caused the result to occur. If you can pinpoint the underlying cause of the result you can determine if this will be repeatable which will influence your wager. 

Are Any Key Players Injured?

You would be surprised at just how many football gamblers don’t double-check the lineups before placing money on a team. When looking at a lineup your first job is to identify which starting players are missing and why. Are they injured or did the coach drop them for poor performance? You also need to make sure if any star and impact players are messing. If Ronaldo is nowhere to be seen you better be adjusting your wager accordingly.

After you have checked for injuries you then need to analyze how the two team’s lineups will gel together. For example, if a side has some slow defenders while another side has some incredibly quick wingers then placing some money on the team with speedsters could be a smart move. Or maybe one side has a poor striker who isn’t capable of creating any opportunities while the other side has a very strong defense, then we recommend you back the defenders. 

Which Footbal Side Is In Form?

While one side is always going to be favored to win many times this favoritism is based on past performance and the talent on their roster. Sometimes sportsbooks are not paying enough attention to a side’s most recent performances. Betting against world-class teams who have struggled to play well or betting on underdogs who are playing out of their skins is often a smart play as you can find some juicy odds and win some serious money. To analyze the form of the football players, watch a few recent games and see how they are passing the ball, moving around the field and the amount of attacking opportunities they are creating.

Are Both Sides Motivated?

One key factor that many football gamblers neglect is to make sure the side they are wagering on is motivated to play their best and win. Due to the motivation factor, we advise you not to bet on friendlies as you don’t know how much effort a team is going to put in. 

We like finding games where one football team is not concerned about the result while the other side has to win or progress. You should look for the end-of-season matches where a side facing relegation is playing against a middle-of-the-table side who has no chance of winning any trophies and bet on the side at risk of being demoted.

Time to Act!

Next time you place your money on a football match, remember to implement our tips. If you take the time to analyze a potential wager based on our criteria, you should see a big improvement in your win percentage.