What Are Some Popular Types Of Football Wagers?

Football wagering is a multi-billion dollar industry with bettors from around the world placing some serious cash on their favorite players and teams. Football wagering is only expected to grow with industry experts predicting that the industry will grow on average 20% or more over the next 10 years. 

What Is 1X2 Wagering?

When people talk about football wagering they are usually speaking about the 1X2 or moneyline markets. With this gamble, you are simply trying to predict the result of a match and you can gamble on either side winning or a draw. To entice you to wager gambling sites will offer you a range of odds based on the chance of a particular side winning. If a team has no chance of winning you receive 10 to 1 or higher odds. Betting sites do this because they want to balance their books and have even money gamble on both sides and then make their money on the commission. The good thing about 1X2 is that they are simple as you are only focused on one event and if you have a favorite team that you follow closely you are probably an expert at predicting when they are going to win.

Are Handicap Wagers Worth It?

Another very popular football wager is known as a handicap bet. With handicap gambling, sportsbooks take a game with a strong favorite and place an imaginary goal to handicap the team. For example, if Liverpool is playing Everton then Liverpool may receive a 1 goal penalty. If you pick Liverpool to win they have to win by 2 goals or more. With handicap wagers, sportsbooks offer both teams the same odds of winning as the handicap turns the contest into a 50/50 match.

There are two main types of handicap gambling, Asian and 3 way. In Asian handicap gambling, there is no possibility of a draw occurring because the line is typically set as a decimal. For example, Arsenal may have a -2.5 goal handicap, with this line a draw is impossible because half goals don’t exist. With a 3 way handicap draws are possible and sportsbooks let you gamble on them. For example, Chelsea may have a -1 goal handicap and if you gamble on them to draw and the score ends 2-1 to Chelsea you win.

Handicap gambling is the preferred style of wagering of professional football gamblers as setting handicap lines can be extremely tricky and they are able to outsmart the sportsbooks much more frequently than in the traditional money line markets.

Should You Make Double Chance Bets?

This style of wager is similar to a 1X2 bet but instead of predicting the exact outcome match, you can choose two outcomes, a win or a draw. For example, if Manchester City is taking on Bayern Munich you place a double chance wager on Bayern Munich you win if Bayern draws or wins the match. This gambling style is very risk-averse as you are covering multiple options. 

What Does Over/Under Goals Mean?

With an over/under goals wager, you aren’t concerned with which team manages to secure victory but are only focused on the number of goals both teams manage to slot through the nets. With an over/under bet you don’t need to predict the exact number of goals scored you just need to be on the right side of the over/under line set by the site. For example, if Brazil is playing Germany and the gambling site sets the line at 2.5 goals and you take the over this means you win if the teams score a combined 3 goals or more.

Time to Make Some Money!

Now you are an expert on all the different forms of football wagers, it is time to pick one of our listed gamble types, sign up to a sportsbook and place some money on your favorite team!